Our Business Model

What Is The Super Soldier Trading Technology Franchise All About?

Understanding our business model isn’t so hard to do; so here it is in a nutshell:

Let’s say you wanted to run your own business and be your own boss. Building a new business from ground up is full of uncertainties and there is no guarantee of success. If you wanted to be successful making a profit and drawing income right away, you would be probably better off simply purchasing an existing business or franchise for a fair price and taking over running the operation! Even so, with all new ventures, there is always going to be a transitional learning curve period before you are off running ever so smoothly. This learning curve period can easily be a year or two and maybe even more. However, you can eliminate this transitional learning curve period by simply getting the previous owner of the business to stick around for a while to show you the ropes of running the operation!

Now that we’ve just describe the perfect scenario for instant success  becoming your own boss and running your own business, you you just have to decide which type of business you want to go into. Running any business involve a lot of things you have to keep on top of, such as tracking stuff, managing employees, inventory and etc. It can be a lot of work, but what if you didn’t want to be doing a lot of work. Then you would have to acquire a business that is efficient and would consume the least amount of your time and resources.

It turns out that one of the best job fitting this description is actually the business of personally trading the financial market yourself for a living as an active day trader! But here lies the problem… you can’t really buy an existing business trading the financial market for your self! And if you wanted to be successful right away, building such a business from the ground up isn’t really an option as it would likely take years before you become consistently successful. Don’t forget that, statistically speaking, less than 1 percent of people that attempting to day trade for a living actually end up making it, and not before losing possibly thousands to millions during the learn curve to become successful day trading!

Nevertheless, even if it takes you 10 years to master the art of day trading for a living, once you’ve master it, it literally becomes the easiest job in the world. You can trade for as little as 15 minutes a day, and from anywhere in the world while earning as much as you want any time you want. Your only constraint is literally only how much capital you have to trade with.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to purchase somebody else’s established personal trading operation as a business, there wouldn’t be an actual business to purchase; that’s because the business in question only exist in the form as that person’s trading experience and skills, setup, technology, infrastructure, resources and capital. While you may be able to purchase that person’s set up, technology and infrastructure, it’s not so easy to purchase their experience and skills because that would require them staying on to work for you. This of course isn’t practical;  They’re not likely to sell their business to you and still stay on to work for you as well, unless you were going to be paying them more than they were making when they were running the business on their own in the first place.

So the next best thing would be getting them to agree on staying on  a little while to teach you the business as part of the deal. If you could get the them to agreed to stay on working for you, until you have learned all the ropes, that would even be better. Even so, as already mentioned, mastering day trading to the point that you can do it for a living can take up to 10 years; can you really get them to stay long enough for you to  learn and master using the resources, technology and infrastructure that you purchased as package from them?

If you could, that would work, bur good luck finding such a noble and helpful trader like that to buy such a business from.

Let’s face it the only way they would agree to stay on longer would be to offer to pay them more than they had been making on their own trading their own money. And even so, as you continue to pay them they are going to be accumulating more of their own capital to trade with so It only makes sense that they are eventually going to probably go off on their own leaving you stranded when they’ve finally raise enough capital to make as much as you were paying them. Unless they are family or a close friends trying to help you out, leaving you is inevitable.

The Solution:

We got to thinking… If the only issue is with getting them to stay on and not leave until you’ve mastered their business, then what if we could packaged this person in the form of a full time personal trading assistant/mentor and include them as part of this so called complete package of trading experience, skills, technology, infrastructure and resources setup? If we are able to maintain a continuous supply of trained mentorship assistants, problem solved!

We would have substantially eliminated the trading curve, allowing you to start earing an income trading right away!

And that’s what the super soldier trading franchise is all about!

We maintain a revolving continuous talent pool of stellar trading assistants that you can pick from as assistant to run the trading technology and resources we provide. They work full time for you online daily and they are replaceable so you’ll never have to worry about them leaving you stranded. Use them anyway you want to help you run your trading operation.

With our trading assistant and mentor helping you to run our technology, making profit and being able to earn a live right away is a done deal. You will be successful. You be the judge. Try our support and mentorship program yourself and see; it’s free to try!


Imagine a trading strategy that will make money every single time you use it. Wouldn’t that be extraordinary! That’s the power of our AI technology and using the trading strategy. We make a profit every time the strategy gets used because the strategy is less about trading and actually an option chain mining and harvesting operation. Mining and harvesting are extraction processes; so we are just taking profit from value embedded as potential within the options chains being traded . Super Soldier Trading invites you to try our service free for a week or longer on your real or demo account to see for yourself!

The Super Soldier Day Trading Formula solution is very effective and quite easy to follow; it’s just choosing and copying trades put together by the elite day trading group you’re going to be joining. The trading group uses powerful AI software technology to find, analyze, and coordinate trade entries. The AI software we use was designed to specifically optimize an options chain trading strategy called the double winged dragonfly. Dragonfly is a unique options chain trading strategy based on calculus; it is a unique quantitative analysis technique used exclusively by our trading group. What makes our brand of quantitative analysis so special is that there’s no guessing or speculation involved; it’s just about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing quantities, probabilities, and rates. While there are complex calculations involved, these calculations are all automatically coordinated and done by our AI software.

As an extra benefit, the AI software technology is also used during our trade selection process to dissect and analyze every potential trade before executing them; this way, we only do the trades where numbers compute to a sizeable profit and risk is capped below each members personal risk tolerance setting. We know it sounds very complicated, but you’re only going to be selecting and copying the trades put together using the AI software technology so it’s actually very easy for each member to set up and quickly do in as little as 15 minutes each day. It’ll be like simply picking and choosing like a kid in a candy store. We are confident that you’re going to really like the results of doing these consistently profitable trades publish every day for members to copy!

Not, convinced? Join us live daily to watch us doing profitable trades. It’s free to watch and ask questions. You won’t be disappointed.

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