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The markets Are continually Changing And getting harder to navigate. the information age makes public how you trade for all to see and use against you. now quantum leaps being made in AI technology is about to pose even more serious problems for many day traders!

AI has been born and It’s rising so fast that just being internet and tech Savvy in this new information age Isn’t quite good enough anymore.

The old Way Of the day traders was trading Isolated and Alone, but Now more than ever, Day traders need to really stick together and Help Each Other if they are to successfully rival the Institutional AI machines hunting them on wall street!

This is the Purpose of Super Soldier Trading; Join Our Trading Group to be connected live with like minded traders while you trade, but It’s much more than just being No Longer Alone while trading. In the group, Traders have The very best Trading resources as well.

Markets are always ahead of the game and are already literally being entirely run by aIs. It would be tough to compete as traders without having our very own AI and help from fellow traders; That’s why Super Soldier Trading stepped up to provides the very best AIs!  

Group member will have access to very advance AI Software Technologies and Solutions For day Trading. We Use AI Software Technology collectively as a group to Successfully analyze and Trade Stocks, Options And Forex.

Super Soldier Trading is the perfect trading group for traders wanting to make day trading A primary source of Income or do it as a Full Time Profession. The Days of solitude trading are over; It’s time to find each other to work Together! Knowledge is Power!

You no longer have to be isolated and alone while you trade. If you’re looking for help tweaking your trades or any other trading support need, We provide:

-Access to AI software technology for trading
-Full training to become a day trader
-Ongoing access to our live support team
-An elite talent pool to get one on one support

Use our services on demand, one trade at a time, or as a monthly ongoing subscription package.

The subscription service can help those with limited market experience become an active trader and make day trading their primary source of income. For individuals with more experience, we provide access to a talent pool of assistants from which you can hire team members to support your trading operation.

The minimum capital size recommended for running a sustainable trading income operation is $200K.

If you don’t have this capital to trade with, we can help you partner with an investor or prop trading firm to gain access to trading with their capital – from $25,000 initially to millions.

Prop traders work from home or their personal offices on a full or part-time basis and generally keep 70-80% of trading profits generated.

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T.e.a.m – Together Each Achieves More

Enlightened Traders

Work Together With Other Members Of The Group To Find The Very Best Trades And Provide Support For Each Other!

Need help trading stocks, options or forex? As a member of the Super Soldier Trading Group, you’re part of the total package solution that will help you reach your ultimate trading skill level!

Our complete trading solution package includes ongoing fulltime support setting up and running your operational infrastructure.

In addition to providing members access to proprietary state of the art AI trading software technology on our platform server, we also maintain a talent pool of dedicated personal trainers and assistants that you can hire to help you run larger operations or simply fast track your progress for success in no time at all!

We can help you set up to operate professionally as a personal or business venture on a small or small or large scale!

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